Believing Your Way to Success

Nov 16, 2011


“Ok, line up and let the relays begin,” I said to my first graders many years ago.

It was a moment that continues to speak to me about the power of ones belief.

While his classmates quickly got into line, this one little boy stood frozen in place. His pleading eyes met mine and immediately I knew his feeling.

I have experienced it myself. That longing for the ground to suddenly open and swallow you. He desperately wanted to disappear.

He didn’t believe he could run fast.  He didn’t want to make a fool of himself. He saw no other options.

He did not believe in his own ability.

But I did.

I knew what he did not. I knew that with just a little nudging his legs would take him just as fast or even faster than his classmates.

I believed for him. So within seconds I decided to run with him until he too believed.

Isn’t that often what so many people need?

Someone to run with them until they begin to see what God has placed within them.

Someone who has that determination and focus. Someone who says, “you can.”

God has placed within you much more potential than you realize.

He whispers, “Yes, you can. With Me all things are possible.”

He believes in you and wants you to trust Him today to give you all you need throughout life’s journey. He has promised to never fail you or to let you go.

Like my brown-haired first grader who suddenly discovered he not only could run fast but he loved running, you too will only discover your true potential as you step forward believing.

What’s holding you back today? What are you afraid to try?

Believe in His Strength working in and through you. Believe in a Love that wants you to succeed. Choose to believe and live.

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  1. Pocket Perspectives

    Thank you for this post too….I really appreciate your ideas, and love how you ran along with that first grader. I teach school and do that too…in my own ways.
    I made something ( I call them “pages” ) this morning tying in with this idea…to encourage myself, whether I might be the giver or the receiver of nurturing. Usually, I’m one to be giving encouragement, but today, I’m the fawn receiving the encouragement from others…so thank you.


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