Create Your Success

Jan 19, 2012


Success. A word that is commonly used today. A word that touches the ears of some and turns off others.

But what is success really?

And how do we measure success?

In the Bible it says “He has shown you oh man what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God?” (Micah 6:8)

Could it be that true success is a lifestyle of acting justly, loving mercy and walking humbly with God? How different is that than what we hear every day?

Years ago, I knew a man, my choir director in high school, who impressed me not only with his high standards and but also his deep care for the students. He humbly accepted applause but never sought it. He worked diligently to help us perform concerts, sing for community gatherings, and also to see us develop our individual gifts.

One day he handed me the baton.

I froze with panic doubting that anyone would even follow me if I was to lead the choir.

But he smiled and stepped back. There I stood with what seemed like a million faces grinning back at me.

I took at deep breath longing for the nightmare to pass. Somehow the music began playing, I waved the baton and everyone started singing. Like riding a wave, I was carried forward by the music. When the choir sang the last word, I lowered the baton in my hand.

Suddenly I heard the sound of clapping and turned to look.

There stood my choir director walking towards me and smiling broadly.

I passed the baton back to him but did not fail to hear his words.

“You can do it!” Words that I will never forget.

Today many years later I am still blessed as I remember the gift he gave me, a shy high school student. He never knew…….

But then again, maybe he did.

Maybe he understood that true success is in helping another become all they are meant to be. A pat on the back here. A ‘well done’ there. A note. A dollar. A chance.

And most of all, a belief in the importance of everyone we meet.

Well, be a success today. There is someone who needs you.