Dare To Be Different

Jan 6, 2012

From the moment I stepped outside today I knew the weather was not typical for January. Temperatures rose quickly. Warm breezes softly blew.  The green tips of my new flowers pushed their heads out of  the hard, cold soil. It became so warm outside I opened my windows and drank in the fresh air.

 But usually January is cold. Possible snow. Oftentimes sleet or ice.

A spring like day in January?! How crazy is that.

 Healing and hope often have similar result. The unexpected happens. A miracle occurs.

The patient lives. The one considered too far gone, revives.

The child chosen as the least possible to succeed not only does that but breaks all barriers. The one who stutters, gives a flawless speech.

You’ve heard stories of success and so have I.

 But did you realize that you are writing the story of your life every day. You can write your story as one that is filled with problems overcomes, giants defeated and victory claimed

Or you can write your story as one of defeat, discouragement and disappointment.

The choice is yours.

No matter what you experience, you choose how to take it.

You choose your attitude.

You choose to place your hand in God’s or to go it on your own.

Dare to be different.  In a world that is filled with negativity and gloom, make the choice

to live with  confidence in God.

Then, like an unusually warm day in January, your life will shine with unexpected joy sending out ripples of hope and encouragement to all.




  1. bbrunophotography

    Sharon, I’ve been on the go today and just now (a little after 8 p.m.) had a chance to read this post. So glad I did. You have a way of weaving words that hit home. Every day IS a choice to place our hand in God’s and let him manage our day, isn’t it? “To live in confidence with God”–it’s a beautiful thing.


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