How Are You Growing?

Jan 3, 2012

Years ago I remember the excitement I felt when my Dad got out the yardstick and one by one measured how much my brothers and I had each grown. While everyone watched he placed a marker on our head, then drew a line with a pencil and wrote the date beside it. Giggles and groans could be heard depending on the result.

My brothers always showed noticeable growth while I was grateful to have even the smallest gain.

Isn’t it strange that as we grow older, we tend to forget the importance of growth. Although our height might stay the same, it is vital that we continue to grow.

Plan to keep growing socially, spiritually, intellectually, etc.

Learn a new skill this year.

Read some good books that will stimulate you and encourage personal growth.

Take up an instrument. It’s never too late to learn.

Sign up for a course at your local community college or online.

Commit to Bible study. Memorize Scripture.

Make a new friend.

Visit a place you have never been to before.

Grow. Stretch. Reach.


Those verses continue to challenge me, “I press toward the mark.” ( Phil. 3: 14)

Are you reaching? Are you stretching forward?

I encourage you to create a plan to grow this year.

You, my friend, were made to keep growing.

Yes, it is all too easy to settle. To hit a plateau and find ourselves staying there for years.

Let’s keep growing.


Pressing forward. Reaching for the Goal.

Becoming more conformed to Him.

Resisting stagnation.  Fighting our fears.


Keep growing, my friend.


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