Let Me Run With You

Sep 20, 2011

It happened many years ago but I’ll never forget. Matter of fact, the experienced changed my life and showed me the importance of being there for another.

Ricky (I have changed his name) was a dear boy in my first grade class many years ago. Although smart as a whip he was insecure and fearful of anything new or different.

I learned as his first grade teacher to take special efforts to ease change for him. And one day my efforts showed me what so many people really need.

We had gathered outside to for some relay races. Our first of the year. All the children were jumping up and down with excitement. But Ricky. He stood there with fear written all over his face. I sighed wondering what I could do to help.

When his turn came I grabbed for his hand and ran over and back my high heels clicking on the black top. Whew, I thought getting back to the start and looking down at Ricky. But  he pulled away obviously enduring the whole experience. This happened two or three times.

But then it happened. Ricky’s turn came and I offered my hand. He grabbed for it like a drowning man to an oar and we began the race.

All of a sudden he shook off my hand and ran way ahead of me.

“I’m faster than you,” He called back to me. I laughed inside thrilled to see him taking off.

Ricky was standing waiting for me when I got back.

“I can run fast, can’t I, Miss Brani?” His grinning face spoke volumes.

“You sure can,” I said marveling at the change in his behavior. It was amazing.

 Isn’t it true that all we sometimes need is for someone to run beside us for a few steps?

Life is tough. It is so easy to get thrown off. But having someone run with us for a while makes all the difference.

 Do you ever feel like quitting? Not sure how to get to where you want to go?

 Consider having a coach.  People tell me again and again that coaching really does work.

So check it out. Give me a call at 540-825-1134.

 Let me run with you. Together we can do it.


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