Me? An Overcomer?

Aug 22, 2016

Yes, that titles fits. Just the thought of me being an overcomer

brings a smile to my face and laughter within.


The one who long ago was so familiar with anxiety?

Fearful. Unsure. No self confidence.

Fast forward many years though.

I began to understand that being an overcomer is not about my lacks

but all about His greatness.

Being an overcomer is all about who I am

not how I feel.

It’s about all I have in Him.

It began with a slow shift in mindset.

Is that something you’ve always longed to have?

Weeks ago I was facing a difficult problem.

Wherever I turned there seemed to be no answer.

Closed doors.

Although the stress and strain drained my physical and emotional resources

I knew




there was an answer

because He is the Answer.

Instead of reminding myself of what I couldn’t do

and what I didn’t have

I quietly began to speak the truth.

He is able.

He is more than enough.

He has never failed me yet.

Nothing changed

but then again

everything began to change.

My mindset shift opened me to begin to see possibilities

where before I had seen none.

I saw the Lord giving me all that I needed

instead of seeing myself as a victim of this circumstance.

“What do you want?” He gently asked

and I poured out my heart to Him.

His power

right there

met my need and all my fears gradually disappeared.

I began to act like an overcomer.

You? An overcomer?

Yes, He fully equips you and I aug 22 sunrise to be more than enough for any challenge that we face.

So how about you—

Have you longed to be an overcomer?

Would you like to discover how?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yes, nothing would thrill me more.







    I love this, Sharon. We could be Overcomer-Sisters! He is the source of our BOLD Confidence.

    • SharonBrani

      Yes, Jeanne, my Overcomer-sister. We can move forward in life facing anything knowing that His Power will never fail us. Never.

  2. Shira Garnett

    Very encouraging read. An opencouraging heart share indeed! Thanks for sharing. God bless.

    • SharonBrani

      Thank you, Shira. May His overcoming Power continue to be yours in fullest measure. 🙂

    • SharonBrani

      Thank you so very much, Rachel.Your words of encouragement mean so much. Many prayers coming your way.

  3. Pearl Allard

    Thank you, Sharon. Just soaked up your words like a spa for my soul. I love the part about seeing possibilities where we saw none before. All because of Him.

    • SharonBrani

      Thank you, Pearl. Yes, it all begins with a mind shift, doesn’t it. So glad that this had special meaning for you and a big thanks for leaving a comment here. God bless


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