Opening The Door To God

Jan 24, 2017

In the midst of the constant press of life

my soul hungers

yes, craves for quiet.

Sometimes it seems as if I am losing this fight

as uphill I press pushing against the noise of the day.

Longing for that still place

thirsty for Him.

And then I read this simple quote by Sarah Clarkson

“I am convinced, no, more like convicted, that to claim a few still spaces in which beauty is found and silence kept, is to open the door to God.”

and a light shone brightly along my path.

Instead of fighting against

I must claim.

Instead of trying harder

I only need to choose a few still spaces.

So with fresh resolve I now turn away from the noise

and into the beauty and silence.

Early morning walks capturing beauty all around.

Late night tea parties carving special memories in my heart.

Islands of conversation here

and a song quietly played there.

Claiming the beauty

Savoring the quiet.

And as I do so

I. too. a, finding the door to God opening

and with it



april 18 bench





  1. Pearl Allard

    Sharon, that quote from Sarah Clarkson really resonates with what I’m currently learning. Had a recent experience that was just what you speak of. Thank you for sharing this! It’s a bit counter-culture to slow down but so needed.

    • SharonBrani

      So very nice to hear from you, Pearl. Yes, although it is counter-culture, it is the pace I must learn to be content with. I long for Him in ways that can only be filled by a slower pace. My heart is with you. Please keep in touch.


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