Shining Moments

Aug 20, 2012

“Do you want to go?” I asked pulling on my light jacket.

Her tail wagged and her eyes got that excited look.


   I wondered. My lab is now old.

She walks deliberately.

Oftentimes backs up rather than attempting to turn around.

And sweetest of all,

   she just wants to be with me.

I thought for a few minutes weighing the risks.

The park is hilly. It would mean more walking than she is used to.

She might totally exhaust herself.

I stooped down and looked in her eyes.

“Let’s take her.”

Together we all bounded into the car and drove to the nearby park.

The temperature was just perfect.

Not too cool

  and not too warm.


   whiffle ball and bat


      and coffee for me.

Savanna hopped carefully out the back door and immediately recognized the place.

Why this was where she bounded into the lake

    enjoying my calls and squeals.

This was where the newspaper reporter surprised us when she was a pup

   and took a picture for the paper.

Beautiful lab, the reporter had said.

She had no idea.

Savanna was raised to be a show dog. Handsome as they come

   but she didn’t like all the attention

   opening up the way for me to adopt her.

A dog with heart

   my dog from the start although she dearly loves the girls.

Now as I walked with her on the leash to keep her out of the water

   My mind wandered back.

As I looked out over the lake

   I could see her energy as she used to jump into the water with so much joy.

   I could see her running to get the ball again and again

      seeming to have endless strength.


    she enjoyed the park again although in a different way.

Yesterday and today seemed to blur as my heart held onto the treasures given.

Life seems to be that way, don’t you think?

Living today with joy

    remembering and cherishing the past.

    expecting continued blessings throughout all of life.

“Are you glad you went?” I asked last evening getting down beside Savanna.

Her tired eyes met mine

   and her tail thumped. Once.

Just once

  but that was enough. I knew what she was saying.

Life is for living. Every part of life.

So let’s live it all

Remembering that as a man thinketh so is he. (proverbs 23:7)






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