Shining Moments

Nov 7, 2012

As I drove my car down the winding road

    on my way to work

   my eyes noticed an all too familiar sight up ahead.


About 20 of them.

Slowly moving ducks walking across the street.

Like confused children some walking forward

   but others turning in circles

   and a few walking back to the side from which they had come.

I glanced at the clock

    as I slowed the car.

I had not expected this delay

   I had not anticipated being slowed by ducks

       and I certainly didn’t like it

but I had a choice as to how I handled it.

I’ve watched them.

Some people keep right on driving

   even killing a duck or two in the process.

Their agenda is more important.

That’s what drives them.

Others sit and blow their horn hoping

   to somehow scare the ducks.


   My approach is to slow to a crawl

    but keep moving forward.

Inch by inch.

The ducks see the car and gradually ‘get it’.

Little by little they waddle out of the way

   leaving me room to keep moving forward.

Life is sometimes like

   an encounter with those ducks.

Things seem to be going smoothly.

You know where you are going

   and have it timed just right

   according to your agenda

but then you see ducks in your way.

That’s where you have a choice!

Are you going to blow your horn

    or your top?

Give voice to your opinions?

Or will you just plow ahead sometimes regardless of the one in your way?

Maybe we don’t have to do either.

Maybe we can keep moving forward

     ever so slowly

    accomplishing our desire in a peaceful way.

Don’t let the ducks get to you.

Sure they can be annoying but they teach us much about patience

and peace

   and purpose.

Barriers in our path if seen as opportunities

   only serve to make us better.

Let’s join hands and continue on

   knowing that there’s plenty to do today.

Let’s keep our eyes on the goal

   and a song in our heart.

Will you join me?




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