Shining Moments

May 12, 2012

To market, to market to buy a loaf of apricot pecan whole wheat bread.

Moving Meadows Farm is the place to go on Saturday morning in Culpeper,VA.

Along with other popular vendors their stand keeps beckoning to me.

Today Jenny and I pondered all the tasty selections

    finally settling on the apricot pecan bread.

        I must say, it is the most delectable bread. I had it with coffee

              Jenny had it with a cup of cold milk.

                    Try it. You’ll see.

After getting some fresh chicken breasts we strolled by the other stands.

Colors galore.

Laughter. Relationships. Community spirit.

In the distance I heard the strains of a violin playing

   adding a special mood to this Saturday morning market.

Everything was clean and attractively displayed.

Blooming flowers abounded calling my name.

After a few minutes I chose a lovely red double impatiens hanging planter.

It looks perfect in front of our home.

Thank you Piedmont Growers. Your flowers are always beautiful.

Stroll around some more.

Nod and greet

Exchange a few words

A purchase here, a purchase there

     And then I looked over at Jenny.

Well, anything else?

Her mischievous brown eyes twinkle as if begging me to guess her thoughts.

Cinnamon rolls??

She nodded her head with excitement and we scampered back to the stand.

Just two please, I say and the nice young man moves to get them for me.

This atmosphere energizes me.

Before we leave we looked around to see who was playing the violin.

Oh yes, we found him and such a nice job he did this morning.

Windy Acres also offered a place to sign up for art lessons.

Showers of God’s many gifts.

Food for the body

    And food for the soul.

Home again, home again jiggity-jog.


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