Shining Moments

Dec 27, 2012

Building a satisfying life

is like preparing a recipe.

Adding one ingredient at a time.

Making sure to follow the plan.

Checking from time to time to see if it is going well.

I find that shining moments from the past

oftentimes shed light on today.

It did again this Christmas.

From the time I was a very young girl

I used to help my mother in the kitchen.

We work together side by side for hours

preparing the most delicious shoofly pies,

funny cakes,


chicken dishes


So when the holidays come

I open the wooden recipe box and pull out the old familiar cards

and gather the ingrdients.

Like days of long ago when my mom and I would laugh and talk

today my daughters and I


and share

for hours as we bake together.

Shining moments all around.

This year was no exception.

Early in the morning

the day before Christmas

we gathered together to make the filling.

An old Pennsylvania Dutch recipe.

Slightly wet the bread,

pass it down to the next person

and break it into pieces.

Add some turkey broth,

some meat

an egg


and keep stirring.

My girls and I laughed

making more precious memories

that I will treasure for years to come.

Do you continue some traditions from the past?

Are you adding some new ones?

As I watch my girls

now growing into beautiful young women

I realize how precious this time is.

In just a little while they will have families of their own

and maybe passing on their own good times.

Gifts from the Father’s hand

always to be cherished.

One day at a time

one activity at a time

building lives of love and life and laughter.

Building lives secure in the Father’s forever love.

Generation after generation

following in His steps.

Enjoy today

and those around you.

Let’s be

praising our Savior all the day long.


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