Shining Moments

Jan 7, 2013

Whew. Just came home from exercising

and I love that all over

‘just did it’ feeling.

Stretching those muscles.

Setting goals and moving towards them.

I find that it’s all too easy to stay at the same place

instead of growing.

Although there is no way that you can be growing in every direction at once

Maybe now is that time

yes NOW

that you sense it’s important

to move out of mediocre

and grow.

God has placed within you

potential and strengths to do more

oh, much more

that you can possibly imagine.

So let’s begin.


What have you wanted to do

but have held back from?

Or let’s put it this way-

If you knew that you could accomplish it

what would you like to do?

Down deep inside

what have you been yearning to do

where have you been longing to go

but it never seems right

or there’s never enough money?

My heart is to embrace yours to encourage you

to pray deeply and earnestly about those desires

and then begin to step out in that direction.

You with me?

Not knowing how

or when

just beginning to work in that direction.

Trusting a great God,

leaning on His Strength,

asking Him to do the seemingly impossible in and through you.


its that first step that is the most important.


Write down what it is

and also why you want to do that.

The why is almost more important than the what.

I want to complete my first fiction book.

I’ve sensed it within me for a long, long time

but there is never enough time or energy to finish it.

I even have the title but have not yet completed it.

Sound a little like you?

As I pondered why I want to write the book

it came down to this.

I’ve sensed that it’s a story that will encourage and inspire others

to glorify Him.

That’s what energizes me to write it.  I imagine His Smile.

So prayerfully listen to His call.

Then write it down and also write the why.

Then begin to plan what small steps you can begin to take to bring it to pass.

Your life is a gift

and He has gifted you. Let’s make this year

the year that you finally do it.

Are you with me?

I’m excited.

Let me know what you think?


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