Shining Moments

Jan 19, 2013

We pushed back the dishes from our adoption celebration

and began to share stories from the past.

My heart was warmed as I heard my daughters

laughing and talking about special times.

I feel so privileged to have a part

in God’s awesome Plan

and to watch it unfold before my very eyes.

How did you know?

How did you choose? I am sometimes asked.

From the moment I began the adoption process

I was willing to go anywhere.

Yes, I’d sit in my living room and spin the globe.

Anywhere with Jesus I can safely go….

words of an old hymn played in my head.

I knew that it was true.

But still….

I sensed His still small Voice reassuring me

that in His time

I would know.

So I filled out tons of paperwork

and waited.

Adoptions were moving quickly inGuatemala

so my paperwork was ready for there.

But at the last minute

I got a call.

“I have something to show you.”

The social worker came by my house

And showed me a picture of a precious baby girl.

Her eyes touched me immediately.

Sad eyes.

Longing eyes.

Eyes that needed to dance and laugh.

She’s in Russia, I was told.

From that moment on I was Russia bound.

Suitcases packed. Could hardly wait to go feeling.

About three weeks later I flew to Russia

I’ll never for get landing at the Moscow airport

and meeting the adoption facilitator who spoke only bits of English.

My greatest fear was that that little one was no longer in the orphanage.

That something would happen to prevent my getting her.

Yes, I was moved by a love that I cannot possibly explain.

“Da” the grey haired facilitator explained nodding her head up and down.

She was still there.

I boarded the overnight train heading for Borovichi.

But sleep was impossible that night as the train traveled through the dark.

I tried to imagine what it would be like-

What she would look like?

How would I know for sure that this baby girl was God’s chosen one

for me to adopt?

But all I sensed was trust Me, Sharon. Trust Me.

We arrived early the next morning;

were taken to a hotel to freshen up and then went by car to the orphanage.

I can still see those steps that led me to her.

Cement steps and a narrow door.

Long halls and a medium sized room where I met the director of the orphanage.

They went over the baby’s medical history with me

and then led me down the hall to the small nursery.

The door was opened and I was led to a small room with only a chair and a small table.

“Wait” I was told. My heart beat loudly as I waited.

After what seemed like days

the wooden door opened and a woman walked in

holding a very little baby girl.

She placed her in my arms and slipped silently out of the room.

I gazed into her big brown eyes and spoke to her.

She looked up at me with a serious expression and then reached out

and grabbed my nose in her tiny hand.

Suddenly I broke out into laughter and her face lit up with joy.

As I danced around that little room that day

sSinging her songs

the room took on a radiant glow.

Yes, I knew that she was my child.

No doubt about it.

So many years ago but even as I share this

I remember each detail like it happened this morning.

Sometimes God in His Grace allows us to experience

something so wonderful

so great

I think simply to let us know Who He is

and who we are.

How did I know?

Smile. There was absolutely no doubt about it.



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