Shining Moments

Jan 25, 2013

Accept the things you can not change

the freezing cold that cuts through me as I race from home to car and back again

that relationship that seems stuck

that vacuum cleaner that broke down after only one year

and on and on and on

yes, so many things that we cannot change

and change the things that you can

blow off the dust from that book manuscript and begin to work on it again

call that friend I haven’t heard from in so long

exercise regularly to improve  health

get the oil changed in my car regularly

spend more time in His Word

talk with Him about everything

Wisely discern if something can be changed or not.

All too often

we find ourselves banging our heads against walls that will not change.

I’ve been there and so have you.

Somehow we hope that maybe something we do or say will change the situation

but we are wrong.

For whatever reason, the decision has been made.

In acceptance lieth peace.

Acceptance is not giving yourself permission to avoid your own responsibility.

No, acceptance, is the awareness that you’ve done everything possible on your side

and it is time to move forward.

Peace comes from knowing what category each situation falls into.

But always reckon on God.

Yes, He was, is and always will be the God of the Impossible.

He sees things differently

and calls us to trust Him

even if we haven’t seen any indication of change in a long, long time.

Have faith in God when your pathway is lonely

  He sees and knows all the way you have trod;

  Never alone is the least of His children

 Have faith in God,

     Have faith in God. 

Faith opens the door that seems shut

Faith softens the hardest of hearts

Faith heals the hearts that are broken

Faith can do what nothing else can.

Listen to His Whispers today and reach out in faith.

There is nothing along the pathway of life that He is unable to handle.

Never give up!



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