Shining Moments

Feb 19, 2013

Watch, I was told as a little girl.

So when I came to a street crossing I kept my eyes on those lights,

and waited for the light to turn before I walked across the street.

Be careful, I was warned.

So when I took out the motor boat for the first time

I made sure that I was out beyond the rocks before I started the motor.

Watch her temperature, the doctor advised me.

and if it goes above that make sure you call me.

I gave her sponge baths and was relieved as I saw her temperature coming down.

Watch the signs.

Early this morning I stepped outside to walk my lab

and noticed the red sky in the east.

‘Red in the morning

sailors warning’ came to mind.

Prepare for rain.

In less than an hour it began to rain.

My thoughts wandered towards other signs

Signs that are all too easy to ignore.

A body that is tired day after day

An appetite that suddenly decreases or even disappears

A lack of interest in things that used to be important

Less time spent in the Word

Watch the signs.

A marriage with little or no communication

A teen that spends all their time in their room

A child who gets sick every morning before school

Watch the signs.

They are there to warn us

so that we can make appropriate changes before a situation gets worse.

Observe the signs

Get help when needed

Consult with someone who can assist

Most of important

Let’s turn our eyes upon Jesus.

Pray about those signs

asking for wisdom and understanding

Then take the appropriate steps.

Watch the signs, my friends.





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