Shining Moments

Feb 26, 2013

My eyes look out upon the rainy streets and it’s hard to remember that these rains water the ground for

flowers and all the colorful Springtime beauty.

My ears listen to the softly falling waters

and deep within I miss the sun.

But then I remember that time in the plane

not so many months ago.

Boarding the plane amidst the rain

and then soaring high above the thick clouds


the sun broke forth all around us.

Glorious moments of seeing

what I knew while down on earth.

The sun is always shining.

Yes, no matter how cloudy and drear the day

the sun still shines.

We don’t even need to rise very high to get above those clouds either.

Life is alot like that.

There are times when the rains fall hard

and our spirits quiver and shake.

“I am with you” His Voice whispers deep within.

“I am always with you.”

Knowing He is with me

walking with me through all the challenges of life

gives me great comfort and peace.

My eyes cannot see Him

but I know He is here.

Brightening my day with the warmth of His Presence.

But if I focus simply on the rain and the dreariness

more than likely I will not sense Him.

In fact I might easily miss Him.

Our thoughts are like that.

They have power to enable us to see

or not see the gifts all around.

So I will remember the sun shining high above

and the One who shines with me today.

One day my faith will become sight.

One day I will see that for which I hunger right now.

Cloudless days

no more sickness

nor sadness

no more tears or painful goodbyes

no more fightings or wounded hearts.

No, one day all wrongs will be made right


Love will welcome us Home..




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