Shining Moments

Feb 27, 2013

The cool wind whips around the corner causing

me to pull my jacket closer.

Just a few more weeks of winter.

Glancing down I notice my blooming daffodils.

Backs straighter than yesterday. Wide open smiles.

Laughing daffodils, I think.

Amidst the changing weather

they’ve continued to grow and change.

Sometimes that change is beneath the surface

hidden from sight.

Other times I can almost see the lengthening stems

and flowers opening before my eyes.

We, too, are changing as we journey through life.

But are we growing?

Are there ways that we can tell that we actually growing?

Is our spirit still open and alive

embracing life fully?

Is our mind hungry to learn more –

reading and exposing ourselves to new ideas.

Are we lifelong learners continuing to stretch forward

to explore the ‘much more’ that the Lord has for us?

Are we pressing onward to know Him more deeply?

Are we drawing closer in our relationships

seeing each person as one created in His image

to love and value?

Are we becoming better at stooping to wash the feet of another?

Are we choosing to spend time with a child in play?

Are we learning the mystery of prayer

and delighting in speaking with Him about everything and anything?

Learning and growing

seeking and knowing

lifting our heads towards Him

in the midst of oftentimes difficult circumstances

like my yellow daffodils.

Resting in His Goodness

no matter what the circumstances.

Discovering what life is really about.

Thanking Him for life

that He gives life

and that He IS life.

His life in us.


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