Shining Moments

Apr 17, 2013

Another soldier has gone home.

George Beverly Shea.

Many years ago I heard him sing.

   I’d rather have Jesus than silver or gold

     and as a young girl of fifteen my soul whispered quietly,


It was at a Billy Graham Crusade inNew York City.

Although I was surrounded on all sides with thousands of people

I was gripped by the words of this song.

I’d rather have Jesus than men’s applause

Life had already taught me that the praise of man would quickly pass

but that only knowing Him mattered. 

I’d rather be faithful to His dear cause

In a way that is difficult to explain but so clear to me

I knew that this was my heart’s desire.

George Beverly Shea sang on filling the stadium that night with song.

Tears filled my eyes as the call of serving Jesus rang forth.

I’d rather have Jesus than anything

  this world affords today.

Yes, I answered. Yes, Jesus.

Nothing else matters.

It was a moment I will never forget.

The years came and went.

I often sat down at the piano and played that song

and others that Shea had written and sang so well.

The Wonder of it All.

Heart wide opened to Jesus.

Rich baritone voice, faithful servant of the Lord.

And  I can still hear him singing How Great Thou Art

  from the depths of his being.

He knew the grace of God in his life.

He longed for others to know Him too.

Well, today as I weep remembering the impact of his life on mine and many others

I also rejoice.

Simply marveling at so many faithful servants of the Lord

who are rejoicing at this very moment in heaven.

My mom is probably clapping her hands and singing along

while the party continues. Shining moments.

Thank you, God, for blessing us with his life for so many years.

May we all be true to His dear Name.  




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