Shining Moments

Jun 21, 2013

It’s been a week of blessings all around.

Eyes wide open

Prayerfully looking

For those who need just a cup of cold water

given in His Name.

Early this week I heard about some challenges.

Difficulties that stretched the nerves and tried the patience of many.

I sensed His moving within me

to give a cup of cold water to one who was very thirsty.

It seemed so very small.

Humanly I would have much rather jumped right in and carried the burden

But that was not possible.

No, a cup of cold water,

He whispered so quietly.

Have you noticed how so often His whisperings are very gentle?

So, I slipped out and picked up a flower arrangement

Praying that it would say what my heart was feeling.

Carry on, weary servant.

Your Father knows your need.

And early before I went to work I placed those flowers with a card

where her eyes would see them and be encouraged.

Later, I sensed that same moving within again

so I found a special book. One that would also convey words of hope

and I gave that to a precious one who needed His uplifting

in a world that knocks you down

and walks on by.

Such a small action but both shining moments for me.

I might not be the one out in front

But I can faithfully pray and give cups of cold water.

How about you?

Do you know someone who needs

a word,

some flowers,

a homemade pie?

Then do it.

Yes, before the moment passes and life rolls it into only a memory.

Yes, give all you can while you’re living.

Those cups of cold water

given in His Name

restore and refresh the weary soul in ways we cannot see.

But He knows.

Yes, He always knows.

I’m looking for more opportunities today.

Will you join me?

Let’s carry the Water and pour it out.

Splashing weary hearts with Life-giving Hope.

Carry it, dear friends.

You in your small corner and I in mine.


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