Shining Moments

Jul 2, 2012


    through all kinds of weather.

Together sharing our hopes and joys

             our troubles and sorrows.

So much heart is contained in that simple word


Years ago my brother and I shared everything.

I even wore the shirts that he grew out of.

Boys shirts.

Ugh. But they were Dave’s so that made it all ok.

Two years apart in age

   gave us much understanding as we grew up.


    he is not with me here on earth

        but I like to think of him

    and the many July 4ths that we celebrated together.

Sparklers galore.

Popits that banged when they hit the sidewalk.

I was always the timid one

    and protective of my big brother. Smile.

“Be careful.”

“Don’t get too close.”

But he was confident and brave.

Together we would enjoy the lavish meal that our dear mother would fix.

Hot dogs and hamburgers.

Watermelon and potato salad- Pennsylvania Dutch style, for sure,

    with hot bacon dressing.

And ice cream.

Then when it got dark

    we would set off our own fireworks

        depending where we lived.


Special times are meant to be shared.

Grab the hand of your brothers and sisters

    reach  out for your mother and dad,

       grandparents and aunts and uncles

       bring in the all the precious children

and make red, white and blue memories

that will last for years.


Life is mean to be shared




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