The Attitude Key

Oct 3, 2011

It’s not what happens to you that makes the difference. No, it’s how you take what happens to you. A positive mental attitude is the key to having a successful life.

Although it might be easy to agree with this, living it out day in and day out can be challenging. But the more you focus on developing and keeping a positive mental attitude the easier it does become.

I recently attended the American Association of Christian Counselors and Coaches World Conference in Nashville,Tn.It was like placing a caged bird in an exotic aviary. My stay at the Opryland Hotel was memorable and even today I can still hear the sound of the many fountains and see the lush greenery and colorful flowers along the walkways.

Each day was filled with workshops and training sessions, music and meeting old friends and new. Like a hungry person at a feast I often found myself just watching all of it not even knowing what to partake of next.  But I knew that the black tie dinner and concert with Francesca Battistelli on Friday night was something I didn’t want to miss.

Friday night came and I sat at a huge table with folks from different states. We talked and laughed while eating a delicious meal. All the while I kept anticipating the concert. Then the long-awaited moment came. As I turned my chair to get a better view my cell phone vibrated. Reluctantly I pulled it out of my pocket and took the call. “Your flight for early tomorrow has been cancelled.” Suddenly my night was changed and I was thrust into efforts to reschedule another flight home. No concert.

My heart sank through the long conversations over the phone trying to get another way home. It was not only frustrating but also disappointing to scramble within only hours of take off. But I knew that it was important how I took the change.

Nothing happens by chance, I thought. Nothing. There must be a purpose in this. I had already been wondering how in the world I would manage to carry my luggage having purchased so many books.

Early Saturday morning I left the beautiful hotel and rode the shuttle to the airport hoping to get a seat on another plane. My arm ached from carrying my suitcase. No way would I be able to take it as a carry on. I would have to pay extra to have it checked on the plane.

Delta found a seat for me to fly first to Atlanta and then north  to Washington, DC. My leaped with joy. “Please, I need to check on this bag,” I struggled to lift my luggage onto the platform. “Is there a charge?”

“No,” she answered. “No charge.” She smiled at me and for the first time in a couple of hours I felt happy. Yes, I would get my brick heavy luggage with all those new books home.

Was there another reason that I missed the much-anticipated concert and found myself on another plane home? Possibly. I’ll never know. But I found myself resting in the truth that God knows everything. And my life belongs to Him. Fresh energy and enthusiasm fill my being as I remain thankful for the little things, aware of all that is good and focused on the endless possibilities in life.

The concert? Well I can order a CD or just wait for another concert someday. Am I disappointed? Well, yes, a little. But that’s life, isn’t it. Change is all around us. It’s how we take it that really matters. May your day be filled with wonder and thanksgiving no matter how things go.  



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