Writing Your Life Story

Jan 10, 2012


Being a writer, I like to think about my life as a story. It began many years ago in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Although the story has had many unexpected twists and turns, what excites me the most is the part that is still to come. The future.

 I am expecting a future that is filled with love, laughter and life. I am anticipating a future in which I will continue to learn and grow and serve. What about you?

 What’s your ideal future?

 Take a few minutes to think about it. You create today the future you are looking to have. There is no way that I will have a future filled with love, laughter, and life if I am in debt, in poor health and without family and friends.

In order to have love, I must be loving. I must take steps to grow in love. I must surround myself with loving people.

You see, I must intentionally create the opportunities that will give me what I long for.

 How do I begin to create my ideal future?

 I begin each day asking God to direct me, and to lead me in His Path for my life. (Ps. 5:8)

I spend time in the morning reading my Bible seeking to grow in knowing Him and His Ways.

I listen as He speaks to me. I keep a journal recording what I sense Him saying.

 There is a lot in life that we have no control over. But I have found that if I focus on doing what I can, being what He wants me to be and looking forward to create the future that I long for, life begins to flow with a new energy and direction.

 Begin today with the end in mind. You’ll find it makes a big difference.




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