Sharon is a licensed professional counselor in the State of Virginia. Counseling focuses on the past and healing. More often than not, folks need to deal with painful issues from the past before they are able to move forward in life. Sharon sees clients through her private practice.


Life Coaching

Life coaching focuses on the future and growth. As a Certified Life Coach, Sharon will help you discover the life you were meant to live, a life filled with purpose, peace and passion. She specializes in helping people learn to thrive in the midst of life’s transitions. She teaches men and women of all ages, skills to decrease stress and develop balance in their life. Whether face to face or over the phone, Sharon works with you on goals that are important to you.

Parent Coaching

Looking for help in parenting? Drawing upon a rewarding career as an elementary school teacher and mother of two as well as counselor for many years, Sharon enables you to discover ways to build a relationship with your child and bring out his best and enable him/ her to thrive in a challenging world. Having difficulty as a single parent? Sharon knows first hand how extremely challenging that can be. She will help you develop strategies that fit your personality as well as your child’s.

Adoption Coaching

Interested in adoption? Sharon coaches from a wealth of experience not only as an adopted parent herself but as one who has worked with many adoptive families. Knowing firsthand the difficulties of the adoption journey, Sharon helps you to navigate the process as well as the transition of coming home and raising your child.

Spiritual Transformation Coaching

Did you ever sense that there was more to life than what you were experiencing? Are you longing for more peace and purpose in your life?
Sharon coaches individuals and groups in discovering ways to transform life into real living. Yes, Sharon meets you where you are and helps you grow.

Health and Wellness Coaching

Are you looking for more energy, health, and wholeness in your life but don’t know where to start? Sharon works with individuals and groups teaching specific ways to change your life and begin to live again. Looking for ways to make tangible changes? Sharon will work with you to develop a plan.


Are you looking for a dynamic, enthusiastic speaker? Sharon is a popular retreat and workshop speaker. For many years she was a frequent speaker for Christian Women’s Clubs. Drawing upon not only her own personal experience but also the stories of others, she weaves Biblical truth with helpful principles to build deeper understanding and spiritual growth.

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Some of Sharon’s speaking and coaching topics are:

*Discovering Life the Way It Is Meant to Be
*Who Me? Walk on Water?
*The Secret of the Singing Heart
*Learning to Rest
*Balanced Living in a Crazy World

I practiced family medicine in Charlottesville for 20 years, before answering a call to become the Chief Medical Officer of Hospice of the Piedmont. During the last several years of my practice, I was privileged to work intimately with Sharon Brani as she shared space in our office, providing counseling services to many of our patients and families. Sharon’s work and ministry are marked by compassion, competence, and integrity. I would not hesitate to refer my own family to her care, and have the deepest respect and admiration for her insight, caring heart, and ability to help individuals, couples, and families find wholeness and wellness in their relationships and lives. She is a beacon of light and hope.

—Dr. Tim Short, CMO

Medical Director at Sentara Hospice