A Time To Rebuild

Sep 15, 2011

There is a time to build up. (Ecclesiastes 3:3)  What an encouragement those words are to me today.

 Failure and loss are a part of life. But it’s how we handle failure and loss that makes all the difference. It goes back to our perspective, our attitude. That is something we choose.

 I have certainly had my share of failures. I have seen my dreams shattered into millions of pieces at my feet. I have experienced the futility of trying and trying when nothing seemed to change the situation. But looking back it’s those very painful times that taught me the most in life and gave me a fresh purpose and passion.

 Discovery begins when we see that it’s not what we go through but what is happening within us through it all that really matters. Strength begins to grow through rebuilding. New relationships blossom. Hope is found even in the hardest place.

 If you are experiencing a time of rebuilding in your life keep your focus on the Unseen. All around you is evidence of what you have lost. What you can’t see yet is what is to come. Let the Light of Hope brighten today as it shines light on Truth.


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