Shining Moments

Jan 18, 2013

Yes, we need a special cake

decorated with swirls and twirls

representing my joyous feelings.

It’s time to celebrate Noelle and Jenny’s adoption

and my heart wanders back to those two special

red letter days

when God placed them in my life.

Adoption had not been in my thoughts.

No, my life was filled with teaching and writing

and playing the piano and organ.

I patiently waited for God’s time

for a family.

But suddenly

my life completely changed

and my feet were placed on the path to adopt.

Even then I didn’t dare even hope

that I would ever have a child of my own.

But God’s ways are not our ways.

His purposes are good.

When I stepped out of the orphanage inRussia

in 1993 holding the most precious little baby girl

I looked up at the night sky.

Stars were twinkling

gentle snow was falling

and it was clearly the night the angels sang.

My heart bowed before my Lord

seeking His wisdom.

It’s so hard to be a parent;

such a holy calling.

I knew I desperately needed Him.

Life was filled with sunshine as I mothered

my petite brown eyed darling.

Oh, the fun we had and still have.

Then a few years later

The Lord moved again

leading me back to the land where Noelle had been born.

There He placed within my care little Jenny

miracle baby

born weighing 1 ½ pounds

a survivor with a strong spirit.

Dimples and sweetness but so shy at first.

Needing to learn to trust

and that she was loved.

Life picked up its pace as I juggled mothering two

but I couldn’t be happier.

Day after day the Lord provided for us.

Day after day He fathered my precious girls.

He still does.

Sometimes when we sit down at our oval table

and I glance at the seat at the end

which we always refer to as Jesus’ place

my eyes fill with tears.

Never in a million years could I have imagined

myself as a single parent.


but His plans are so much greater than ours.

His Ways so much higher

Again and again His Whispers to me

that He is more than my little mind can grasp.

Step out into the waters and trust Me, He urges.

So I keep inching out.

Deeper and deeper I long to wade.

How about you?

Are you trusting Him for the ‘more than you can ask or think of’?

Is there maybe something that He wants you to do

that you find yourself pulling back and saying

‘no way’?

Lean on Me, He lovingly says.

Let’s do it together.



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