What’s Your Choice?

Oct 17, 2011

Life has it’s unexpected moments, doesn’t it? You just about think you know what the future will hold and then in an instant everything changes. And you are left at ground zero. Again.

The key to a successful life is in how we take the ups and downs. What do we tell ourselves? We could complain and moan about our bad luck. Or we can choose to look at every change as a potential opportunity. When you choose to do that, everything else begins to look different.

Life is like looking through a lattice window. We can focus on the future and see faint outlines of a dream or longed for hope. Or we can focus on the texture of the lattice going vertically and horizontally.

The truth is one cannot focus on both the near and the far at the same time.

One cannot live in the past and in the present at the same time.

No, you must make a choice. The more you focus on today and take steps to move forward into the future you will find that you have greater energy and enthusiasm.

Today is a gift. Live it well. Live it fully. Live it with determination to give it your best.


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