A Christmas Purpose

Dec 19, 2011

Christmas is quickly approaching and amidst all the swirl of activities, I wonder how you are these days. Are you staying grounded in your convictions, unflinching in your resolve to live within your limits, and determined to experience a meaningful Christmas?


It is all too easy to be pulled off course. Let me encourage you to resist the tugs that threaten to move you away from your personal resolves. You can stay the course. You can be true.


I’ve been thinking a lot about Joseph these days. In many ways I think I can understand at least in part the huge weight of responsibility he carried. So much was at stake. Did all heaven tremble as he considered putting Mary away quietly so as not to cause her public disgrace?


I’m touched that he first thought of her. Upon hearing that she was with child, he did not become stuck in his own anger and frustration. No, he thought of her. What an example that gives me today.


This Christmas focus on the needs of others. Lift your eyes to those around you. Take steps to lift the burdens that you see. Encourage when you can. Pray for God’s grace and healing where it is needed.


It is all too easy to put ourselves first. Our feelings. Our thoughts. Our desires.

This Christmas look out in love. And as you do so, may God meet you there.

God met Joseph and gave Him much needed direction. He will also give you all you need today as you seek Him.


A Christmas purpose. Yes, let it be yours.




  1. Kady Teeple

    Thank you Sharon. These are encouraging words!! Good reminders for me. Love you, Kady


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