A Season Is Not Forever

Mar 28, 2012

Every morning I woke to his song. Yes, even when my bedroom was still cloaked in darkness my canary sang good morning greetings. And I loved it.

He chirped around from morning to night cheerfully content with his life. As a result my life was happier just having this great songster to share it with.

But one day it all changed.

My canary hurt his leg. His song suddenly ceased. I watched with horror as it turned black and eventually fell off. And although I fed him bits of banana and apple he sat glum and sad on the bottom perch  of his cage.

Day after day my girls and I prayed for dear Sonny.

The absence of his song left a huge emptiness in our home.

So we turned on our favorite music, put on tapes of canary music. We sang and talked to him assuring him of our love. No matter what.

What difference did it make that he now had one leg? We only loved him more.

Then one day it happened. Yes, the miracle we had been waiting for came.

Our little yellow beloved bundle of feather began to chirp. A note here. Another one there until he began to string them together.

“Listen. Sonny’s singing.” We laughed with gladness and danced with joy.

Thank you, Lord. Thank you for restoring our precious canary.

It’s now been 2 years since that time and Sonny still fills our lives with song. As I listened to him this morning I thought of all those who no longer can do what they are used to doing.

No, for them is the life of sitting and waiting. And that’s not an easy thing to do.

No races to run. No joyful spinning from one thing to another.

No, for a season, our good Lord has allowed them to be still and rest in His Goodness.

If that happens to be you or someone you know, remember that today-the season of stillness-does not mean forever. Instead it’s a time to allow His Healing and Love to work

deep within.

It’s a time to experience Grace in all its richness. To revel in His Love and Care.

There will be a time of song in the future. Never fear that.

His plans for you are good.

And those who know you will wait knowing that the time of activity and song will come again for you.

A season is not forever.


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