A Song Of Storms

Mar 15, 2012


From the time I was a very young child I hated storms. The sound of the furious winds blowing, the loud crashes of thunder and lightning, drove me beneath my covers shaking with terror and praying for the storm to end.

And even though today I no longer seek cover, I still like when the storm has passed by and the sun is shining brightly.

But life is not always sunshine.

Storms are the nature of things.

But life has shown me again and again that storms have a purpose.

Yes, God uses storms in our lives for His Purpose.

I remember years ago going through a particular dark, difficult time.

Each morning I awoke to the shaking impact of the storm.

Turmoil. Unrest.

I prayed for the storm to pass.

Yes, like the disciples in the boat (Matt 8:23-27), I sought relief and peace and quiet.

“Jesus, do you hear me?

        It’s frightening. PLEASE do something.”

But for days the storm continued without relief.

One day led to another as I clung to Him knowing that there is a purpose for the storm even though I might not see it.

There are no mistakes. No accidents.

Huge claps of thunder and sharp flashes of lightning lit up the sky of my life.

And there I was weak, helpless, totally dependent on Him.

Yes, there I was





The storm continued for days, weeks and months.

But the more I clung, the calmer I became.

He is the Lord of the storm.

The winds and the waves obey Him.

No, I never got to the point of enjoying the storm but oh the joy I experienced in His Presence in the midst of the storm. Wonder of wonders He is faithful.

The storm He allowed proved to be for good in my life. I am still rejoicing in the results today.

Are you facing a storm today?

There is a song that the storm teaches us to sing. A song that we might never have learned without it. A beautiful song of trust and forever care.

A love song.

The storm will pass. They always do. But the song of the storm will be yours forevermore.



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