Always Hope

Oct 10, 2011


“Did you hear the news?”  Her eyes sparkled with joy making her look much younger than her age. “I found my kitten. She’s home.”

 I jumped with delight and reached to give my neighbor a hug.

 Tears filled my eyes as I remembered her cries the night of the fire. Firefighters had to pull her away from her burning apartment. Her worries about the safety of her precious black kitten had all but consumed her. I along with other neighbors had tried to comfort her and offer our prayers but nothing seemed to help.

She lost everything that day but it was the loss of that dear kitten that hurt the most.

Morning and evening day after day she returned with food and to watch. But there was no sign.

She and I spoke from time to time after that. She was discouraged with the passing of each day. I could understand.

But we prayed.

I wish I could say that I firmly believed in the return of her kitten. But I didn’t know. The passage of time seemed to diminish hope. From time to time we would remember again and whisper another prayer and look around. But there was still nothing.

Time went by. They tore down the burnt apartment building. Somehow it all began to fade in our memory until we would see her again standing with food and watching.

Until last week. Nine weeks since the fire.

She was at her place on the street and happened to look up. There the kitten stood. Much smaller, Covered with matted hair. But she was alive. Slowly she moved toward her beloved mistress who had continued to hope and pray.

Yes, that meeting must have been precious in the eyes of the One Who cares about all.

So no matter what your situation remember there is always hope.



No matter how bleak things might seem.

A tiny little kitten sleeps peacefully again and so does the one who loves her.

Keep praying. Don’t give up.

There is always hope.






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