Always Hope

Sep 19, 2011

Light always overcomes darkness. No matter how deep the valley nothing is too difficult for God. I’ve seen evidence of this again and again. Have you? Has it been your experience?

 Circumstances might say ‘no hope’ but time after time I’ve heard the resounding shout of victory as a person chooses to take a step in the right direction. All the evidence might say ‘it’s over’ but then God’s healing touch restores and brings back to life.

 This is the reason I am committed to the One with Whom nothing is impossible.

 Many years ago as a first grade teacher I learned not to look at the kindergarten tests scores of my new students. I didn’t want my thoughts about the potential of any student to be biased. I believed in their ability to achieve and accomplish great things. Time after time I saw the seemingly impossible happen in that one  year.

 Little Kailey melted my heart from the moment I saw her. Big brown eyes and a gentle smile seemed to draw everyone to her. But Kailey did not talk in school. Day after day she came to school and participated silently. That was how her kindergarten year had gone. That was what was expected for first grade. Experts wanted her tested but her parents decided to give her time.

 I sensed Kailey not only could talk but that one day she would. One day at a time my first graders gathered and took turns reading aloud. Her eyes at first met mine with fear but I eased her worries by allowing her to quietly pass her turn. One month led to another month. Kailey began laughing with the other boys and girls.  Slowly she made friends.

 And then one day it happened. My students were taking turns reading out loud and Kailey’s turn came. I caught the slightest twinkle in her eyes as she met mine and then she began softly reading. Everyone looked up at her grinning from ear to ear. My heart jumped with excitement and I waited for her to finish the page.

 “Good job, Kailey,” I said noticing the slight pink of  shyness on her face.

“You did it!” My boys and girls excitedly expressed their joy.

 From then on Kailey regular took her turn as a reader and that led to even more talking.

It is always too soon to quit. Healing change takes time. But light is always stronger than darkness and hope prevails no matter what.

 May your day be filled with hope and sparkle with the promise of possibility.




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