Always Remember

Oct 5, 2016

I watched her tending her young son who must have been two or three.

Church service going on up front but my eyes were captivated by his activities.

Dimpled smile. Chubby cheeked darling. Small hands.

My mind wandered back to a few years ago when I too was caring for a toddler.

I used to take a small, plastic container filled with cheerios to church

and one at a time I fed them to my daughter.

She ate them like they were a turkey dinner

knowing she needed to be quiet

so that I’d give her

one  cheerio at a time.

A good Sunday was when she was quiet and followed my gentle reminders.

Most Sundays were good Sundays.

But like the parenting journey

it’s not always good days.

No, there are challenges to face

and issues to deal with.

Lessons to be learned

and troubles to work through.

Through all the ups and downs I’d try to seize those teachable moments


just as quickly as my parenting years began

those younger years had passed.

Today I have a young adult and a teenager.

Still parenting

but in a different way.

So just in case they somehow forget

I wrote some letters.

Sometimes late into the night I would pour over these letters

seeking to share lasting truths

so not only my own daughters but also

Mothers and daughters of any age would be encouraged and inspired.

Teach the children

while they are young so that one day they will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6

Simply written letters

some wet with tears from an overflowing Mother’s heart

From my heart to yours.







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