Are You Living Your Life Or Someone Else’s?

Nov 9, 2011


Yesterday I wrote about the importance of living your true story. All too often people are influenced by the voices of others and end up living a life God never intended for them. You see this every day, don’t you? Teachers who are only teaching because someone else thought they should. Doctors who are doctoring because another chose that profession for them but their heart is not in it. Sadly people end up frustrated, empty and depressed because it never was the life they were meant to live.

Are you living your story or someone else’s?

Years ago I enjoyed a career as a first grade teacher.  The energy in the classroom filled me with delight. I prized the opportunity to help students discover their strengths and often spoke to them about the gold I saw in their lives. I witnessed the difference when a child began to see their true worth. After over twenty years in that profession I knew there was more for me to do. I longed to touch the lives of people of all ages and fan that spark of potential. That led to a career change and now my life is full as a mother of two precious daughters and as a professional counselor and certified life coach.

Change is never easy. But it’s time to ask yourself ‘Am I living my true story or am I living someone else’s dream for me’?

God has given each one of us the gift of life. Each of us is filled with potential and strengths.  Are you living the life you were meant to live?

Consider these thoughts:

  1. Life is about meaning and purpose. Life is about serving others. There are no mistakes. If you could do anything with your life what would you do?
  2. Discovering your purpose begins with a longing to know. Ask yourself what are your strengths? Are you using them? A single parent shared with me her longing to have a child and how that simple desire makes many a weary day bright with meaning even though her life has not unfolded the way she thought it would.
  3. Are you living someone else’s’ plan for your life? What steps could you begin to take to begin to move into the flow of your life’s purpose? Jot down some ideas. Change begins with a simple awareness and then a willingness to discover the next step. Remember God wants you to know your purpose.


Your choices today impact your tomorrows.  Choose to discover your purpose.


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    As someone new to offering L-Cin’/launching my first blog/using – I thought to look at other related WPblogs … and I am already seeing revealing results; in that the title of a blog’s post can attract or … not.
    Obviously the title of your post here attracts. I look forward to following the posts … appreciated, r


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