Are You Living Your True Story?

Nov 8, 2011


You were created for a purpose that only you can fill. Your true story is one of strength and courage. But all too often life throws people off. Voices are heard which declare ‘you can’t do it!’ ‘Stupid!’ ‘Failure!” Choices are made based on lies and all of a sudden life unfolds in ways that were never part of the original plan.

Years ago I found myself running for student office in my high school. The boy who sat in front of me offered to write my speech if only I would give it. Funny me, I decided to run. People around me were shocked. I was too. My life story up till then had been to stay on the sidelines.

The day I gave that speech my hands and knees shook like crazy. As I looked over the sea of faces in front of me I didn’t think anyone would vote for me. I had little confidence because those negative voices kept taunting me.

I sweated it through my classes that day so long ago. Nothing could have shocked me more than when I heard those words ‘won’. But that victory began to question every negative voice I heard from then on. Today I am living out my true story.

Are you?

Remember, to live out your true story you must

  1. Challenge those voices in your head. Voices that more often than not belong to other people in your life who do not know your true story.
  2. . Write down the Truth. You were created for a purpose and to succeed. Your true life’s story is one that will bless others. You have been created for a full life. Write the truth down and read it again and again until you believe it.
  3.  Live each day your true story. You see even if you have not up till now, you can still change. You can refuse to listen to those voices and you can embrace the truths of the importance of your life. You are more than you think you are.

You were created for a purpose. Discover it. Embrace it. Live it every day of your life.


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