Be Flexible

Feb 2, 2012

Life has its unexpected moments. Seems like you are cruising along quite fine and all of a sudden everything changes. It’s at those times that our inner resources are tested. That’s what recently happened to me.

It was a normal Saturday evening.  The table was set- lasagna, salad, bread. I turned back to the kitchen to check on the coffee when my right hand knocked against a counter. It seemed only a minor bruise but suddenly my hand puffed up like a balloon. And although we all sat down and went on with the meal, I frequently looked down at my monster hand hoping it would return to normal. Fast.

Well it didn’t. Pain set in and as it did I remembered a time many years earlier when I had experienced something similar. For the next few days I tenderly nursed my very sore right hand. And I was forced to make some changes

I learned to use my computer holding the mouse with my left hand. I developed creative ways to dress, write, and even zipper my coat. Gradually my right hand is getting back to its normal size and I am able to use it more but the secret has been for me to be flexible.

When the laptop refused to work, I switched to my desktop computer.

When the desktop refused to work, I decided simply not to use a computer.


It doesn’t happen all the time.

No, these times are very rare but when they happen it’s important for us to give ourselves grace and just be flexible. Let God carry us.

That’s hard for some folks. We all are such creatures of habit.

But if we don’t maintain a spirit of flexibility the winds of life will cause us to snap.

Like the branch the rests on the ground after a storm.

Yes, wisdom tells us to be like the willow, bending with the winds of life but never breaking.

How about you?

I’m grateful to be writing this blog today. It took me a few days but I’m finally able to share my heart with you.

Let me encourage you to bend with the winds of life until the storm passes. Let His Presence grace those moments of change.

And it will pass.