Bloom Anyway

Feb 21, 2012


My daffodils are bending in the chilling breeze today in Virginia. Even though the temperatures are less than ideal they brighten my world today with their beauty and grace.

How about you?

Life more often than not is less than ideal. Difficult situations. Words that hurt like chilling temperatures can often cause any one of us to bend low in pain.

But bloom anyway.

This world needs your brightness, your color, your beauty.

Yes, even though your particular situation today is hard, bloom anyway.

You have no idea who needs to see you today.

Your smile. Your words. Your presence gracing their lives.

You have no idea the difference you make.

So let the cold air blow.

Remember your time is now. Bloom brightly. Sing your special song.

Don’t ever forget that you are important.

Bloom anyway!!


“Rejoice and be glad”- Matthew 5:12



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