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Nov 15, 2011

On November 19, 2011, families and adoption advocates will celebrate adoption in large communities and small throughout our nation. National Adoption Day is a day that holds special interest to me having adopted my two precious daughters from Russia. They have enriched my life beyond words and my heart overflows in gratitude to all those who made their adoption possible. Faces come to my mind. Social workers, Russian facilitators, judges, doctors, dear people with whom I stayed in Russia and Ukraine. Without so many people working together I never would have experienced the incredible joy of being their mother.

My life changed completely after I adopted Noelle in 1993.  I remember well slipping over to her crib on many a night watching her breathe and thanking God for the gift of her life. Her giggles brightened my days and even though I worked hard, it was being with her that energized me and gave zest to my days. Before I knew it she began kindergarten. One year led to another. And although her body grew her big brown eyes continued to dance with pleasure and adventure.

In early 2000 she began prodding me to adopt again.

“A sister? Please, Mommy….” She begged.

But I was done. One child was enough, wasn’t it? I had long ago given away all the little baby things.

Against my very will it seemed, my mind wandered back to the orphanage on the other side of the world. Every child deserves to be loved, I mused. Maybe. Somehow.

In 2003 I adopted little Jenny who at that time was 2. Tiny and very shy, she entered our hearts long before I brought her home. The transition was not easy for her. Day after day I patiently parented praying that one day she would internalize our love. And she did. Today at 11 she fills our lives with her sweet ways.

Adoption. It changed not only my life but the lives of grandparents, extended family,

friends, etc.


As my way to celebrate National Adoption Day 2011 I am offering one free 30 minute coaching call to any adoptive parent. Yes, email me or call between Nov. 15-19 and we will schedule your call.

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