Choose To See

Feb 6, 2012


I sit here at my dell computer this morning. All I see is a screen, my keyboard, the few items on my desk and the windows on each side. But there is so much more beyond what my eyes can see.

There is the world of faces that I can not see but who will read these words.

There is the world outside my home. Busy people with busy lives. Each one significant and with great value. Each one deeply loved and known by God.

There is His Presence. His Peace. His Love.

It is all too easy to live our lives by what we can see instead of living it by what could be.

Just imagine with me for a few minutes.

What would you like to do? What would you like to be?

Just imagine that becoming possible.

What step could you begin to take to move in that direction?

Our Creator God has built within you an infinite wealth of creativity. You just need to open your eyes to see what He has planned for you.

That excites me. Does it you?

Beware the danger of limiting yourself by fears, failures and foolish thoughts.

No, live today with eyes to see what could be.

Get in step with Him and life will become an adventure of faith.

You’ll be surprised how much you then begin to see.



  1. bbrunophotography

    Taking that first step to dream is HUGE.
    I remember doing that a few years ago, wishing and hoping and dreaming to step into the world of art. I’m self-taught, and I don’t know the “language” of art. But I know that God has placed a passion inside me. So I began with tiny steps, asking Him to open doors along the way.

    Yes, what an “adventure of faith”! Seeing beyond today with its limitations was the first step. You’ve nailed it, Sharon. Your words have blessed me yet again!


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