Christmas Bells Still Ring

Dec 29, 2013

old photoChristmas is bigger than a day on the calendar.

Yes, Christmas is larger than a 24 hour period of celebrating with family and friends.

It’s much deeper than most of us can truly comprehend

but I’m trying. Yes, I keep trying to grasp the Holy mystery.

My eyes have been searching for glimpses of Christmas wherever I have gone

and my heart has been listening  for that marvelous  sense of His Presence.

Over the next few days I will share with you three times when I heard the ringing of bells

you might say.

For some it might seem like nothing. Nothing at all.

But, for a few you just might grasp that unmistakable touch of the Holy too

and be encouraged and uplifted.

Early this morning I awoke to the sound of rain pelting hard on our roof.

The contrast of the beautifully lit Christmas tree and the rainy day outside was vivid

and I was glad that there was nothing that called me to venture out into the dreariness.

As I pottered around the house straightening this and picking up that

all of a sudden I remembered an old song.

The words came slowly at first ….tenderly He watches over you…

and all of a sudden I was a young girl of five standing in the kitchen of our home in Levittown, Pa.

The 45 lpm record was playing as I helped my mommy fold the laundry.

She, recovering  from the effects of polio, sat in the chair close by me

directing me as to just how to do the job.

I can still hear her singing along with George Beverly Shea and oh my heart was so happy.

Nothing, absolutely nothing was better than spending time with my dear Mommy

and hearing her sing.

‘like a mother watches over her baby,

He is near you every hour of the day.’

Like a special Christmas blessing from on high I found myself singing that old song

that held so many memories

and the joys of the past flooded the present with shining moments.

He does tenderly watch over us wherever we are

whatever we are doing.

Could it be that He gifted me by reminding me of that precious song and that sweet time?

Yes, I opened it like a child at Christmas and for the rest of the day have been playing it.

Waves of encouragement wrapped their arms around me as I drank in the gift.

Christmas blessings continue to shine as I look for them around me

and while many was busy taking down their tree and putting away the decorations I will savor

Christmas for a few more days.

Join me on my next blog as I share another Christmas moment

that touched my heart and warmed my soul.

Christmas is more than just a day. It’s an experience of the heart

and the Author is always the One Who tenderly watches over all of us.





  1. Joy Lenton

    So true, Sharon. Christmas is much more than just a day of celebration. It is definitely “an experience of the heart” and lives with us all year long! Blessings 🙂 xx

    • SharonBrani

      Yes, may it continue to live within your heart in ways beyond your understanding but in your awareness, Joy. You continue to ring the Christmas bells for me!


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