Christmas Transformation

Dec 13, 2011

Transformation is all around us. Houses once dark are glistening with lights.  Yards are decorated with reds and greens. Front doors are wreathed with Christmas greetings.

But with all that outward change of the past view days I’m wondering about hearts.

Is your heart being transformed as you prepare for this Christmas?

Are you letting the joyful songs sink deep within your spirit causing a change within?

My prayer is that you will create time to be transformed from within by the wonder of  His birth. Unless you choose to do that, Christmas this year will come and go and you will miss its true meaning in your heart.

Yes, make the time

  • To be quiet and ponder the Glory of Christmas and what it means to you personally
  • Consider starting a new tradition in which the focus is on Jesus
  • To keep Christmas in your heart this year

 Transformation begins with a choice to let Christmas enter your heart. That one choice will make a big difference in how you remember Christmas 2011 in the years to come.

Next time, I will share with you our family tradition of the two boxes.

Don’t miss it.