Come Apart Before You Come Apart

Apr 12, 2012


Elijah had his Cherith. It was the last place he wanted to be but there he rested and God provided for him. His flight from Queen Jezebel left him depleted, depressed and defeated.

Have you been there?

Life can overwhelm and leave the best of us without strength to go on.

But that is the very place God loves to meet us.

Yes, at the very point of our weakness He steps in and whispers “Peace, be still.”

Years ago I was very involved with serving the Lord. Along with my teaching job I also was writing, singing in the choir, teaching Sunday School, playing the organ etc.

It didn’t happen in one day. No, but gradually over time my body began to grow weary.

But I could not stop.

No, all that I did was too important. And I just didn’t want to let anyone down.

Then I developed a sore throat and fever. I tried to work through it like I had in the past. But this time was different. This time my body refused to cooperate.

Days later I learned that I had mononucleosis. Just walking a few steps left me exhausted and needing to rest. Nothing was more frustrating than wanting to do something but being unable to make my body do it.

For days I rested. At first it was agony to not be able to do as I had in the past.

But then slowly my heart began to still and I began to discover the blessedness of rest.

During those days I wrote in my journal and pondered my life. I knew that I had ignored the signals for weeks making me susceptible to illness. I knew there were lessons I needed to learn.

Like Elijah at Cherith He fed my weary spirit and helped me begin to see.To know I was more important that all the things I did. What a life changing experience.

He loved me. For me.

He loves you. For you.

Not because you rush around and accomplish so much in His Name.

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

Yes, in order to really know God inward  stillness is absolutely necessary.

Have you discovered it?

Before you come apart as I did many years ago forcing me to be sidelined for weeks, take time to come apart. To listen in the stillness. To sit in His Presence.

To rest in Him.

I still reach times in my life when I must come apart to rest, to take time to walk in the woods or get away to the mountains. Doing so always refreshes and restores me.

His Love calls us to know Him deeply and to journey with His pace through life.

No rushing here and there.

But day by day walking in step with Him

Breathing in His Spirit

Feeling the sunshine of His Grace upon us

Living in peace.


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