Daring To Move

Jan 9, 2012

It’s been a little more than a week into the New Year. How are you doing?

It’s a choice we all make, isn’t it. We can continue the way we have always been or we can choose to change. Growth always involves change.

Change begins with seeing the need to change.

Change begins with making a plan to change.

But there is more.

I have frequently made a decision to do something, set a goal and started out fine. But somewhere along the way my interest waned and my commitment faded.

A year ago I made the goal to complete my first fiction book. I had written a lot of it already. All I needed to do was make the time each day to write. I was excited to think of the joy of completing what I had decided to do.

I joined a writer’s group. I even submitted part of my book in a contest.

But I never finished the book. No, it still sits waiting to be completed.

What was missing?

I had the plan. I had the desire. I wrote out my goal. But there was something I missed. I must focus on the ‘why’ and write down what my internal motivation is. Without a why, it is all too easy to get stuck and never complete the goal.

What is my goal for writing this book, or running a race, or learning a new skill?

The all important why is pivotal to success?

So I took a sheet of paper and jotted down my reasons. Why writing the book is important to me:

  1. Because I sense it is God’s pleasure for me to write the book.
  2. So that I can reach more people with the story of hope and healing.
  3. In order to build a greater platform to touch more people with ways to grow a greater sense of peace in their life.
  4. To open up more opportunities for speaking and coaching about ways to build a life of peace, purpose and passion.


Now that I have clearly faced my internal motivation and written it down I am motivated again to write the book.

Are you daring yourself to change? I challenge you to think about your own growth.

Most of all, consider the ‘why’. Writing down the reasons for why you want to change, will energize you to push through the expected resistances that you will face.

Keep moving forward. It’s new year.


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