Dealing With Fear 101

Sep 14, 2013

walkin-the-parkFears come in a variety of ways.

The mocking laughter of your Goliath can be enough to make you want to turn and run.

The sound of the lions circling you closer and closer.

The unpaid bill.

The doctor’s words.

That unexpected call from the school.

In a second your whole world is turned upside down and stomach churning panic floods your being.

No matter where you live, fears seems to be a part of life.

But fear itself is not the problem. It’s how we deal with fear when it comes.

Do we quickly look to our own feeble ability

or do we look to the One Who Loves us with an everlasting love?

Do we turn to another friend and in fear share our worry

or do we turn to Him in prayer as our first step?

Do we seek the counsel and advice of trusted ones or do we pull away from any help

and hide in despair and helplessness?

God is our refuge and strength, our very present help in times of trouble. Psalm 46:1

Fear left to itself can grow to an astronomical proportion.

Fear focuses on the problem and is blind to the Answer.

But faith is stronger than any fear that comes along.

Have you seen this?

Have you experienced it too?

Most of the things in life that I feared

never happened. No, somehow I muddled my way through what I thought was impossible at the time.

Until I began to learn to first give all my fears to the Lord.

Yes, first.

Not as an after-thought.

May those very fears that you face this moment  draw you ever  closer to the One Who longs to share

your every heartache, your every burden.

Pouring out our fears

and receiving His grace to handle everything.

Breathing out those troublesome worries

and breathing in His Strength and Power.

Again and again

throughout the long journey

may His Song be on our lips and in our hearts.







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