Deep Within

Feb 20, 2017

Inside of every seed is the power to break through the darkness

and inside of every person is the ability to rise from hardship.

Knowing that potential makes all the difference.

For me.

For you.

Because life can be hard

and the journey long.

Pain and devastation can crush the will to even live.

But then down there deep

where only God can see

is that precious seed of hope

just waiting to be watered into life.

Sometimes it’s the gentle word of a friend

or a tender hug

or even a cup of tea.

Sometimes it’s the friendship of one

who comes beside

and doesn’t leave.

More often than not their act of simply listening to the brokenness

rains mercy drops from on high on the weary soul

giving hope that



there will be a way to go on.

Tenderly cradled in that place of care

one begins to see that there is more.

More than their present difficult situation

More than the vast devastation all around.

More than that painful loss and cruel dashing of dreams.

Yes, one begins to see the light of possibility.

And with that outstretched hand of hope

one begins to think


just maybe I can overcome.

He comes to our lives in different ways whispering that truth.

Hope after darkness.

Song after tears.

Healing following illness.

Life after loss.


Yes, deep within each one

is that seed to overcome any adversity.

His Power works deep within

calling us to take His Hand and arise.

Ever present healing and hope

for all.












feb 20 rose


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