Distracted? Find Focus.

Jan 16, 2012


Life can be so distracting. I get up with one plan in mind and before I know it the day has taken a completely different twist. A life of thriving turns quickly into one of survival. You have experienced it and so have I.

So how do you keep your focus?

How do you maintain your sense of peace and purpose in the midst of the sudden change of plans and circumstances?

 Outside my upstairs window where I write I can see a glimpse of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Winter, Fall, Spring and Summer they stand in view speaking to me of stability – no matter what. They remind me of the One Who created them years before my life began and will still be there long after I go home.  My beloved mountains do not change.

 We all need an unchanging focus to steady us through the ups and downs of life.

 Jesus says, “Come onto Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you Rest.” (Matthew 11:28)

 His call to focus on Him is the secret to a life of peace and purpose.


Find something that you can focus on, something that will remind you of what doesn’t change. It may be a picture, or some meaningful object. It may be special quote or a verse. It may be a beautiful photo or some other natural scene that speaks to you of stability.


Choose to focus on what doesn’t change rather than the things that are changing or not working or out of your control. The amazing thing is that the more we focus on the Unchanging, the more we are enabled to handle the many little annoying things that do change.

 Find you focus today in the Unchanging.  My mountains speak to me.

What helps you?