Do You Believe That Change Is Possible?

Mar 22, 2016

What do some people do it?

They’ll never grow rich.

Never be famous.

No applause.

No promotions.

Hmm, let me tell you why.

A very long time ago there was an elderly man who came to my church.

I was little and shy. Maybe six years old.

And the world seemed so big and scary.

Sunday after Sunday when he’d see me at church

he’d put his wrinkled hand in his pocket and pull out a yellow chiclets box.

I’d put out my cup shaped hand and he’d carefully pour in a few tiny white pieces of gum

and smile at me.

And for that moment

I was visible. A real person. And gradually this shy, little girl began to smile and feel like she belonged.

Today more than fifty years later I remember and am grateful for his beautiful act of care.

Again and again I have received a special kindness

and usually all my words don’t seem enough to communicate my heart’s gratitude.

But people are all that matters. And love. Yes, love is forever.

It takes so little to bring cheer to another

and life can be so very hard. The journey so difficult at times.

But all it takes to really be fulfilled

is just a thought

and maybe a little time and a very little money

and suddenly someone’s day is different. Their life a little brighter.

A loaf of bread here.

Some flowers there.

A check to support three darling children in Brazil, Columbia and Peru.

A cup of coffee.

Simple things.

Won’t you join me?

Let’s grab  hands together

to love this world in His Name.

People all around us.

Sadness behind their eyes.

Weariness and often discouragement.


Let’s reach out today and touch another’s life.

Threads of gold among the ordinary acts of life.

Pearls that glisten with lasting beauty.

Ignore the voices telling you it’s a waste

for nothing you do in His Name is ever wasted.

Follow the Singer and join in line….

move into your world one neighbor at a time

write it. sing it. tell  it.

and gradually you, too, will see.

He makes everything beautiful in His time.






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