Do You Ever Feel Like You’re Getting NOWHERE?

Jan 7, 2015

As I opened my new 2015 calendar and hung it on the wall

I wondered –

What new challenges will I face this year?

What if a water pipe springs another leak?

What unexpected demands will come my way?

You and I know that life is no rose garden

and although we do our best to prevent this and guard against that

the unexpected does happen

whether we want it to or not.

That’s life!

So is there a way to defeat those ‘what ifs’

and to live in peace?


‘What ifs’ are often the mental diet of the anxious soul

and like having one foot on the gas and the other on the brake


My imaginative mind can create ‘what ifs’ faster than a scared bunny can hop for cover.

But that only drains my positive energy and depletes my resources.

If I tell myself to stop thinking that way

it only seems to get worse.

How about you?

No, I have discovered that as I intentionally lay those ‘what ifs’ at the feet of Jesus

I am free to go living

knowing that He has it all under His control.

Yes, He not only has it all under control

He knows exactly what I need to equip me to handle everything.

Without Him

I am truly inadequate

but with Him ‘I can do all things though Christ Who strengthens me’. Philippians 4:13.

Precious words of truth that sink deep into my sometimes trembling soul.

Words of promise for you, my friend.

He sees

He knows

He cares

As we place our hands in His big Hand

we discover a power beyond ourselves.

That’s what I want.

That’s what I need.

2015 I’m excited to live it in peace.

As a very young child trusts his parent to care for him,

let’s choose to let Him have all those ‘what ifs’ and just supposes.

He knows our every need.

He cares for us much more than we can possibly imagine.

Join me, won’t you,

in living each day as an adventure with Him.

What will be the first step you take in doing this?

april 13m 2014


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