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Oct 21, 2011

This morning I arose early, slipped on my jacket, grabbed a leash and took my black lab outside for a walk. As soon as I had walked just a few steps I knew that there was something special about the day.  The sights and sounds of Autumn were all around. I walked a few more steps and gave my dog time to sniff and explore in the early morning.

Autumn is glorious with its magnificent colorful leaves and delicious smells.

For a few minutes my mind wandered back to years ago when my brother and I would rake gigantic piles of leaves. Nothing was finer than pushing and covering each other up with those leaves. Laughter and giggles. Back and forth.

I can still hear my Mom calling from the back door, “Are you getting those leaves raked up or just playing?”

“Oh we’re getting them,” we’d say giving each other that look. And as soon as the back door would close we would push and play some more.


I remember walking to school breathing in the smells of fall. Burning leaves, Apples and cider. Donuts and candy corn. Brilliant red maple leaves. Gathering them to press later. Shuffling slowly to school not wanted my glorious walk to ever end. But it always did.

More memories.

Dressing up as little red riding hood and feeling a little timid as superman, my hero, and I walked out into the black night on Halloween. Looking up at what seemed back then to be a big, big mansion and slowly walking up the high steps to get to the front door. Pushing the doorbell while my heart thumped loudly inside my costume. And then…hearing the footsteps of someone coming to the door.

And then the door slowly opened as if on its own and a whispery voice beckoned us to come in.

Together my hero brother and I shyly stepped into the darkened entry hall and looked at the two elderly faces that greeted us. With apples and pennies.

Autumn is filled with not only memories but also music. For those who hear it.

Maybe you have and you know what I mean.

Take the time to enjoy the season. Slip outside and look around at the beauty. Breathe deeply. Drink it in. Don’t let this Autumn fade away without experiencing it.

You’ll be so glad that you did.


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