Fighting Discouragement

Sep 23, 2022

Joseph in the pit

   was discouraged

David in the cave

  felt alone.

Samuel knowing Saul

 was depending on himself

was sad, and discouraged and given to moan.


I, too, have found myself discouraged.

Seeing the defeat of God’s plan.

My heart has given way to sadness

As I’ve looked all around

But then…..


The very tool that was meant to defeat me

only serves to remind me

that God can.

No matter how difficult it all may look

His Power and Promise hold.

They are still His Plan.


So I will trust

when broken things abound.

I will praise

With voice surrendered to His Will.

I will give Him my life

Trusting Him to do

what is best.

I will praise Him still.



  1. Gunda S. Krebs

    Thank you!

    • SharonBrani

      Thank you my friend. My prayers are with you. 🙂


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