Finding Peace

Sep 6, 2011

It isn’t enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it.—Eleanor Roosevelt

 My peace I give to you. –John 14:27


 Someone once said that we are either in a storm, coming out of a storm or approaching a storm. Life is just that way. But the truth is storms do come to an end.

 While we are in the midst of a storm though it is easy to feel like it will go on forever. But it won’t. No, as my grandmother used to say, ‘This too shall pass.” It will end. The sun will shine again.

 A major key though is how we face each day. We can choose to groan and complain, to criticize and blame. Or we can choose to look for the silver lining, to praise and give thanks if only for the truth that the storm will not last.

 I ache for those going through tremendous pain. My heart is heavy for those carrying burdens beyond my comprehension.  My heart longs to reach out, to comfort, to listen and to be there.

 But my longings are nothing in comparison to the One Who watches over each one of us.

He offers peace as you face another storm, as you are going through a storm and also as you come through a storm. Yes, He is there before you longing to fill you with a peace that passeth all understanding.

 So where are you today? It isn’t enough to believe in peace. We must receive it from the One Who is Peace. As we do that it is important to fix our thoughts on the Unchanging One.

 Years ago I remember riding on a ferry from Bar Harbor to Nova Scotia. Within minutes from departure my stomach fought waves of seasickness. I clung to the railing outside with the wind in my face fighting my misery and longing to just get off the boat.

 “Look at the horizon,” a fellow passenger urged watching my distress.I lifted my eyes and gazed far out across the vast sea to that place where the land and sea met. The ferry continued to rock up and down but I steeled my eyes to focus on the horizon. Gradually my discomfort eased as I fastened on that  Unchanging  Place.

 Peace comes today as we focus on what never changes.  All else might rock around you but there is a place of stability, the Prince of Peace, Who offers us peace.

 My world still rocks as yours does. One storm after another.

 Let’s work to rest in peace.  




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